The Terms and Conditions for the Question Creators and Material Developers.
1. Only the creative questions and innovative materials will be allowed on
2. You must have to consider that your questions can check a clear understanding of the subject.
3. The questions and materials are must be quality full and unique.
4. You can’t copy the materials of others due to copy the right policy.
5. If you use any information from the authentic source, you must use the reference.
6. You can’t use illegal information to make a question or to develop study materials.
7. You can’t use the information or references which are objectionable. For this, the authority is not responsible.
8. During making a question, you can’t take the information which is sensitive to others. Any example or point impairs others, you can’t use this. The authority will not take responsibility.
9. Your materials will be approved by the specialist only when there are standards.
10. The sub-standard questions and materials must be rejected.
11. If the third-party claims about your creation, you have to take the sole responsibility.
12. We don’t share your basic information to others. We are really professional and committed.
13. The questions and materials you are uploading are the assets of you.
14. You can withdraw the earning money when it will be BDT1000/-. But the minimum balance you have to keep BDT500/- to your account.