Transforming Exam System of Bangladesh

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The American told that the examination is first introduced in North America by Henry Fischel, an American.

But many people told that the exam system was first introduced to ancient china in 605 AD. They took the exam nationwide. It was called the imperial examination. They took the exam to select civil service personnel. They canceled it in 1905. In 1806 England introduced the exam system.

Who first invented the exam system that is not the matter? The matter is that the objective of the exam system. The objective of the exam is to assess the understanding and competency of the subject or course. It is an assessment to check the knowledge, skill, and aptitude. In education, the exam assesses proficiency in the respective subject.

The exam has different forms. Formative assessments are taken in the learning process. It can be MCQ type, essay type, matching type,  completion type and quiz type. Exam is generally taken on paper. Exams are also taken by computers. They are called eExams. These are more beneficial. But not popular yet.

There are also extraordinary exam systems like open-note tests, taken home tests. These exams have no chance to memorize. Also, cheating can be stopped. But the challenge is that we need highly qualified educators to create this type of exam question.  These should be really creative.

Now I am coming to the perspective of our country. In our country, the exam system was introduced by the British. Since then the exams are taken in different forms and ways. There are many big nationwide exams in Bangladesh. The JSC, SSC, and HSC are the biggest nationwide exams. In higher education, different autonomous institutions are taking the exams. But the most discussed exams are SSC and HSC.

The shocking news is that in the country the tendency of our students to make good result by any means. They have the  tendency to take unfair means in the exam. But the objective of the exam was to assess the understanding and competency of any subject. So many learners are unlearned. They are distracted from a proper education. They can’t be skilled properly.  As a result, they are becoming the burden of the country. It is creating many problems in society. This is also one of the biggest problems in the country.

We can come out of this problem. For this, we have to make a long term plan. We have to change our education system. We have to create many potential and skilled people. We have to make many technology-based exam systems.



In our job market, we have to encourage skills not certificates. From a student's life, every student must learn at least one skill. at list one skill which will depend on his/her passion. The educational institute will find the passion of each and every student. According to passion, the students will be educated and trained up in the institution. We have to transform the passion of the students into the profession.

 With a view to transforming the exam Catalyst Education has taken an initiative. This is a platform for teachers and students. Any teacher can work here as a freelancer. The student from anywhere and anytime can practice the exams before the final exam. This will give the facilities to the students of remote areas. The platform is

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