Skills Require for the Resource Persons

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We want to select the resource persons, who are actually competent. What certificates you have that is not the matter. The main thing is that you must have some good skills. For question setting (making creative questions papers both MCQ and written) and study material development (note making of nay subject) the following skills are required:


1. Have to have sound subject knowledge.

For example, if you want to make a question paper for CAIE O level Mathematics, you have to have to know the ins and outs of   O level mathematics. If you have the teaching experience of this subject, that is better.


2. In-depth understanding of the subject. 

You can’t make the creative questions without an in-depth understanding of the subject. So before going to start question papers, you have to take time to prepare yourself properly.


3. Passionate to create new questions. 

Creating a question is not so easy task. This is a bit challenging job. It is will be easy, if you enjoy creating new questions.


4. Have the mentality to work hard

To make some sets of creative you have to work hard. Before going to start to make a question paper, you have to fix your mind to work hard.


5. Good writing skills. 

For making study materials or written question papers, you have to have a good writing skills. You can write in both Bangla/English. If you have good subject knowledge but you are not confident about quality writing, you can take help from a good writer. For this you need help please click here.


6. Have to know MS word clearly. 

Microsoft Word skill is urgent for making question papers or study materials. This skill is learnable. You can learn this easily from different sources. In our platform, you can learn freely.   For this, you can communicate here.


7. General Internet knowledge. 

Only basic internet knowledge is required. This is easy to learn. Anyone can learn by using a computer. If you have own computer and internet good internet connection, this is not a big deal.  

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