How Can You Earn By Uploading Question Papers?

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If you have the potentiality you can earn by making question papers. You must have the subject knowledge and MS word skill.

Two types of question papers you can upload. MCQ type question and Structures type questions.

Before that you have to have the proper preparation. Make your question paper in MS Word File. Review again and again. Recorrect the mistakes. 

When you are fully ready. Login the platform If you have not the account, Signup first. For this, if you need any help click here

After signing up the platform, click on your name beside contact us menu. For example, if your name is Catalyst, it will appear like this.

Click on your name. You will find the following:

Then click the Earn Options. You will find a new window.

Now click Make Question Paper. You find the following information:

Select the exam category. If you want to make a question for SSC Physics select the category Academic Exams. Then select the subcategory of the Bangla medium. Another subcategory will appear. Your subject name will be there.

Select the type of exam you want to create. If MCQ, then select MCQ.

Give exam time and set the exam fee. The selling rate depends on the quality of the question paper and the selling price. For more tips click Setting Exam Price

Enter the correct exam name. If your subject is SSC Physics, the better name is SSC Physics Mock#1. Then click continue.

For MCQ Paper, the serial number of questions will come. This is the serial of the database.

Give the question number. Then beside the question number write your question. After giving the question, set the four alternatives like A, B, C, and D. The database choices are 1, 2, 3 and 4. Besides 1 you put A, besides 2, you put B. Similarly   C and D. After giving the four alternatives, you have to put the correct answer by choosing 1, 2,3 or 4.  A sample is given below:

After clicking the continue button the following message will come:

Question Added Successfully!

During making a question, if you need an image you can upload it easily. For tips click Upload Image.

Written question creation is easier than MCQ. For this, you have to choose the exam type Written. Give the serial number and type your question here one by one.  For more information click upload Written Question paper.


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