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About the quiz competition:

This is the general quiz competition. This is a monthly quiz competition. Each month we select the best three, winners. This quiz competition will give you the opportunity to justify yourself that how much knowledgeable you are? General knowledge-based questions are set. General science, sports, history, geography, and technological quests are added here. The objective is to create healthy competition among people on knowledge. We want to contribute to creating a knowledge-based society according to our capacity. We know that knowledge is the best asset. A knowledgeable nation can be the best nation.



Who can take part in the quiz competition?

Any educated person can take part in the quiz competition.  There is no age or education limit. But we encourage the educated young generation and the youth society. If the young generation is busy acquiring knowledge, they won’t be distracted from their main path.  



Awards for the winners:

Only three winners are selected each month.  They are the first, second, and third winners. The first winner gets BDT1500/-, the second winner gets BDT1000/- and the third winner gets BDT500/-. But the condition is that the winners can use the money to buy the products at  They won’t be given the cash as the winning prizes. Later big awards are coming. It will be updated each month. 



Condition to participate in the quiz competition:

Any educated person can participate in this knowledge-based competition each month. The only condition is that the participants must sign up here first.     


Do you want to participate in the quiz?


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