Cambridge International O Level Chemistry (5070)

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The key points of the course:

  • Syllabus
  • Assessment
  • Chapters
  • Past Papers
  • Chapter Tests
  • Module-Tests
  • Full-Mocks

Now details about all the points:


# Syllabus:

This O level Chemistry Course is for the Exam 2020, 2021 and 2022

From 2023 there will be some changes. 2023-2025


# Assessment at a glance:

Paper 1: Multiple Choice Questions. The time is 1 hour and the marks are 40.

Paper 2: Theory or written paper. The time is 1 hour  45 minutes and the marks are 75.

Paper 3: Practical Test. The time is 1 hour  30 minutes and the marks are 40.

Paper 4: Alternative to Practical. The time is 1 hour and the marks are 60.

The combination is either Paper 1, Paper 2 and Paper 3 or Paper 1, Paper 2 and Paper 4 


# Chapters:

Module 3

14. Chemical Calculation   Video

15.Test of Ions and Gases  Video

16.Energy Changes             Video 

17.Rate of Reactions          Video

18.Electrolysis                     Video

19.Metal Extraction           Video


Module 4

20.Redox Reaction          Video

21.Acids, Bases & Salts   Video

22.Alkanes                        Video

23.Alkenes                        Video

24.Alcohols                      Video

25.Carboxylic Acids        Video

26. Macromolecules      Video



# Chapter Tests:

These tests are of individual chapters.


# Module Tests: (Combination of some chapters)

These tests are a combination of some chapters. There are 4 modules here.


#Past Papers

Topical Questions:   Paper 1 and 2

Year Wise Past Papers

Paper 1  Paper 2 Paper 3 Paper 4

# Full-Mocks


  • O Level Chemistry (5070) Paper#4 Mock#1
  • O Level Chemistry (5070) Paper#4 Mock#2
  • O Level Chemistry (5070) Paper#4 Mock#3
  • O Level Chemistry (5070) Paper#4 Mock#4
  • O Level Chemistry (5070) Paper#4 Mock#5
  • O Level Chemistry (5070) Paper#4 Mock#6
  • O Level Chemistry (5070) Paper#4 Mock#7
  • O Level Chemistry (5070) Paper#4 Mock#8
  • O Level Chemistry (5070) Paper#4 Mock#9
  • O Level Chemistry (5070) Paper#4 Mock#10

PAPER 3: Only face to face mock possible for this at Catadu


For Necessary Data use the Periodic Table  

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