7 Excellent Tips to get A* in O and A Level Chemistry

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Chemistry is scaring too many students.   Many students, guardians, and even teachers say that chemistry is a difficult and complex subject. Many state that chemistry is arguably one of the most difficult subjects at A level.  This is actually a negative approach. Chemistry is not difficult. It is actually a bit challenging. Since it is of materials science, some terms and information have to be remembered. The solution is one -understand and practice.

In this article, I want to discuss O and A Level Chemistry of both Edexcel and Cambridge exam system. Compare to O level A level Chemistry has less time to prepare the students before final examinations. Now I want to mention seven incredible tips for the students who want to get A*(Equal or more than 90% score). 



Tip#1: Make the Target from the Starting of the Session





You have to make the aptitude to make a good result. The certificate is not the sole purpose of education. You have to fix that you will learn the subject properly. If you finish your course in time and practice properly, you can reach the goal. Make a target to finish the syllabus to complete 3 months before the final exam.

 You can make a step by step plan to learn how to do each topic of the course. You can make the segment or module of the whole course. In your plan, you also have to mention that every week you will study at least 10 hours but not in one day or two days. You have to study at least 5 days a week.



Tip#2: Organize Yourself Properly with Study Materials and References




At the beginning of your session, you have to collect the text or course books. You also have to collect the reference books for chemistry. Without those books, you can collect the organised study materials from the online platform. ExamHelpBd.com is giving you the opportunity. Here we have the revision checklist for the exam candidates. CAIE paper#5 is challenging too many candidates. They only rely on past papers. But you have to study the experimental topic of CAIE Pape#1, Paper#2, and Paper #4 and have to complete all the experiments of Paper#3 properly.

To be good in chemistry you have to have a clear knowledge of chemical bonding and chemical equation. This true for both O and A level candidates.  The best advice is for  the O level candidates to start with the chemical formulas and equations.



Tip#3: Be regular in the class and stay updated about the Syllabus




Be attentive in the class. Make a regular study habit. Re-read the textbook. Every day read approximately 2 hours. So read at least 10 hours per week. But don’t create a gap to break the consistency of studying.    

Since you are the candidate of O or AS or A level. So you have to keep the updated syllabus for the corresponding year. Try to see the learning outcomes of the syllabus. If any point is unclear to you can discuss it with your teacher. Give more time for chemistry, gradually it will be likable to you. 



Tip#4: Clear your understanding



  • Identify the category of chemistry subjects you are studying.
  • Take the idea of the topic by reading the topic before going to class.
  • Go to the class regularly.
  • Don’t miss the explanation of any topics.
  • Remove your hesitation to ask any questions in the class.
  • If you have any confusion you can discuss it with your teachers.
  • Use the study group to clarify your understanding.
  • Take part in practical works.
  • Compare the theory with real-life problems.


One thing you have to remember that for O and A level chemistry approximate 85% questions come from understanding. So you have to enforce understanding. You have to focus on the basic concepts and key parts of every topic. You have to check your understanding by giving practice tests.

If you have any problem with any O and A level chemistry both Edexcel and Cambridge you can take help individually from Catalyst Education. By searching in Google you can find the Catalyst Education.  Here the individual care is taking for individual students. The teaching method is completely different and innovative. Any learners from anywhere can take help individually and practice mocks.   



Tip#5: Make notes by yourself




Take the class note regularly. Try to study everyday at home. Check your solid understanding. Also, use the books you have. Then make the second note in your home. This is called learning notes. In chemistry, you have to know many formulae, equations, and physical and chemical properties. So you can use mnemonics and flashcards.

When the course is completed you can make the final revision note. You have to start the revision notes after solving the past papers for at least 10 years. You can condense all the topics in a single note.

If you need assistance to make note you can take help from Catalyst Education. Anyone from anywhere can take assistance from this institution. 



Tip#6: Practice a lot by practice tests and reduce nervousness


Hard work and effort is needed to absorb the concepts of chemistry. Not only that the candidates have to practice a lot by Modular method. Thoroughly revise through your notes, books, and previous test/exam papers. The BEST revision strategy is to learn from your errors and mistakes and make sure you don’t repeat them again.

Mathematical questions will give you confidence. So solve them clearly.

For organic module practice the reactions more. On a single page make a table using the chemical reactions. Mention the name of reaction in the first column, in the second column write the type of reaction, in the third column write the reagents and condition and in the fourth column mention the observation (if any). In the separate page write the mechanism of reactions. You can also make the mind map using the reactions.

Find the weak areas of your syllabus. Work hard to absorb them. For this, you can take help from teachers or friends. You can also take help from online. Catalyst Education is giving you the facilities.

You can sit for unlimited mocks in ExamHelpBd.com. The price is very low here. Both MCQ and written mocks are available here.



Tip#7: Maintain good health both mentally and physically



Throughout the session, you have worked hard to prepare properly but finally, if you become ill, the final exam won’t be good. So you have to take proper food and also have to take rest. Be positive always. Help others but don’t in the exam hall. Be normal, don’t be overwhelmed or frustrated.


Finally, I want to say that invest time for chemistry, clear the basic of this subject and at last practice properly. If you follow this O and A level chemistry will be easy and you will love. In the exam, you will get a good grade.   







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