This is an Edtech platform both for teachers and students. Any teacher can post notes and questions here. Students can read and practice tests from anywhere and anytime.
In Bangladesh education facilities are not equal throughout the country. The students in Dhaka are getting all the facilities. They are getting good teachers, good schools/colleges, good study materials and proper environment for practice tests. On the other hand in the local town or village students are not getting proper tools and environment. So almost all of them cannot compete with the students of Dhaka city. So to solve this problem we have made the platform .
The main objective is to create exam practice facilities for students who are living in the remote area. The students can practice the exams by logging in here.
Also they can study the important materials with minimal amount of cost. We are also giving facilities the resource people. They can make question papers or prepare the study materials. By uploading here they can earn.
Here facilities are created for all types of examinations. They are categories as:

  1. Academic
  2. Admission
  3. Job exam
  4. Standardized Exam
  5. Certification Exams
All the sub- categories you can see in the following links: