10 Outstanding Guidelines for Successful Exam Preparation

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The most important thing is that the preparation should be good to make a good result in any exam. Abraham Lincoln was quoted as saying “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

For exam preparation, you have to consume a lot of time. Here is some guideline about how to prepare yourself properly before the exam.


1.      Make a Study Plan:  

According to your subject/course content and exam days left, make an organised study plan. Don’t leave anything for the last minutes. Make the study habit. What you study, try to understand in depth.


2.      Manage Quality Study Tools and Materials:

You have to have proper study sources. It can be real books or eBooks. Also, you need notebooks, a pen, pencil, highlighter, etc. All should be cleaned and organized in the study space. Your study place also has to be neat and organized. You can get exclusive study material from the link.  



3.      Make Your Leaning Note:

What you are studying organise them in your own method. During making notes you can use flowcharts, diagrams, infographics or other visual aids. These are helpful for revise. Finish the learning notes at least three months before your final exam. 


4.       Collect Practice Materials and Practice Them:

Collect past exam papers. These are helpful to understand the format of the question papers. You can practice them with measuring time. 


5.      Practise Different Ways:

If you can understand the course properly, you can explain with others. This is really helpful to remember. Explain the reason in a correct way and compare with others. By this way, the flaws will come out. The upstanding will be cleared. 


6.      Practice by Mock Exam:

Take part in the mock exam. You can practice a lot by this. Also, you can practice your exam timing. ExamHelpBd gives you the platform to practise the mocks as  much as you want. 


7.      If You Need, Make the Study Group:

If you have confusion in some chapters or topics, you can organize good study groups. But remember you  have to focus on the course/ subject. Make a study group with likeminded people. 


8.       Give Attention to Your Health as Well:

Study as much as you have the capacity. Study in your comfortable time. Take a regular break. This is helpful for your brain. Take healthy food and drink a lot of fresh water. Avoid junk food and try to take natural and vitamin-rich food. Sleep 6 to 7 hours per day regularly. 


9.      Make Revision Notes:

This will be in short and concise. For this use your class notes, learning notes, past papers, and mock papers. The volume of revision notes depends on your subject /course content.


10.   Finally, Make an Exam Day Plan:

Read exam rules and regulations properly. Take the documents, you need. Calculate the time needed to reach the destination. Start a bit earlier to reach the exam hall with your proper documents and tools needed.

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